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The MRemoval tattoo removal course method is gaining popularity among professionals working in the beauty industry due to the primary focus on results that do not compromise the sin’s health. The holistic approach to the mental and physical wellbeing of clients turns MRemoval into an essential technique of current times that can bring the gift of freedom from unwanted pigments.

Every professional working with pigment introduction into the skin, i.e., tattooing, microblading or permanent make-up, should also be able to remove it from the skin. The MRemoval method can be used on newly introduced and old pigments, entire drawings and selected details, making it a versatile solution that can help clients resolve a variety of issues from mental discomfort with unfitting shapes and regrets about decisions to alter their appearance to artist mistakes and pigment migration or evolution cases.

The following situations are the most usual candidates for the MRemoval procedure:
– Low-quality PMU, microblading or tattoo;
– Changed fashion trends in shapes for eyebrows, eyeliners, and lips;
– Pigment migration;
– Undesirable pigment evolution;
– Residual pigment from other procedures.

The MRemoval tattoo removal training method will provide trainees with a set of skills that can be used to solve a wide range of issues on the face and body of a client. Professionals have a choice between working manually or using a machine.


The supervised training takes three months. The basic course focuses on the introduction to the MRemoval system, including products and techniques, and the overview of possible applications of the method in the practice of the professional in training. The course also refreshes essential knowledge of skin anatomy and healing processes.

The training system comprises 22 topics with video footage explaining the steps of the procedure under various circumstances. The supervising trainer is available for online consultations and question and answer sessions.

A tattoo removal course uk must successfully finish six levels to achieve the MRemoval Master certification. To help clients find certified professional Artists and Masters, the Skin Monarch Academy puts graduates of the training programme on the Academy’s World Map.

All trainees are provided with the starter’s package of basic tools and products required to perform the procedure and ensure post-procedural care.

The online training with the starter’s package costs EUR 1090 (VAT and shipping costs included).

Grand master Ella Sakalauskiene

Course available in 5 different languages

MRemoval starter’s package

All tattoo removal course uk are provided with the starter’s package of basic tools and products required to perform the procedure and ensure post-procedural care.


The content of the Skin Monarch MRemoval starter’s package:

Skin Monarch MRemoval
Skin Monarch Neutraliser
Skin Monarch Cleansing Foam
Skin Monarch Master Care Cream
Skin Monarch Perfect Finish
Skin Monarch Cleansing Gel
Skin Monarch Scarcare Gel
Skin Monarch Manual holder
Skin Monarch 5 points shading needles 30 pcs
Skin Monarch 7 points shading needles 30 pcs
Skin Monarch 21 points shading needles 30 pcs
Skin Monarch micro brushes 100 pcs
Micro cups for ink 30 pcs
MTS Microneedle Cartridges 12P, 36P, 42P (3pcs of each size)

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Frequently asked questions

What is the legato technique?

Vibrating motions in the skin when each micro-puncture is achieved by tapping the surface of the skin without removing the needle away from the epidermis.

What length needle is used for the MRemoval pigment removal procedures?

0.2–0.3 mm. The needle is used only to roughen up the epidermis.

What is the main ingredient of the MRemoval product?

Glycolic acid. This acid is absorbed by the skin the fastest, which makes it the most effective among all used AHA acids. It is also the gentlest. Glycolic acid has the capacity to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin.

How does MRemoval work?

The product used for the removal of pigment enters the skin through microchannels and starts working immediately by pushing out particles of the unwanted pigment onto the surface. The remainder of the pigment in the skin gets locked in.

Several days after the procedure, the treated area of the skin forms a crust. During the healing process, more pigment gets pushed out to the surface.

What can be removed using the MRemoval product?

·       Single fragments, dots, unwanted parts of a drawing,

·       the entire eyebrow drawing,

·       lip contour and an asymmetrical shape, smudged-looking colour, unevenly inserted pigments,

·       the unsuitable shape of eye contouring and deformed parts of the drawing resulting from blepharoplasty,

·       severe cases of migrated pigment,

·       all pigment colours on the face as well as the body.

What are the main contraindications of the MRemoval procedure?

Anticoagulants (medications used to prevent blood clots, e.g., warfarin, also commonly known as blood thinners, administered after certain illnesses or surgical interventions)haemophilia; diabetes; keloid scars; birthmarks or port wine stains; pregnancy and breastfeeding; HIV, hepatitis; epilepsy.

How many sessions will be required to remove the pigment completely?

It all depends on the case: a new permanent makeup or micropigmentation can be removed easily, but old drawings require more procedures. Depending on the skin type and the location of the unwanted drawing, 1–6 sessions may be required.

The number of sessions may also depend on:

  • the number of times the pigment was reintroduced in the same place,
  • the type of pigment used for the drawing,
  • the condition of the skin;
  • the skin type according to the Fitzpatrick scale,
  • unique skin healing characteristics particular to the client.

What post-procedural care should be followed by the client?

Skin Monarch Cleansing Gel is intended for daily use after a tattooing or permanent makeup procedure and unwanted pigment removal. The gel cleanses irritated skin easily and gently, soothing it and removing impurities as well as protecting the skin from infections. Use every time before applying Skin Monarch Scarcare Gel, 2–3 times per day.


Use instructions: put several drops of the product on a cotton disk. In circular motions, clean the skin gently, removing impurities and dried lymph fragments.

Skin Monarch Scarcare Gel helps to reduce skin irritation and redness, also improves skin condition and appearance. For prevention of scars.

Use instructions: apply on the skin with a clean applicator, forming a thin layer of the product and leaving it to act. Before every new application, the skin must be cleaned with Skin Monarch Cleansing Gel.

Use both of these products until crusts will clear off the skin and it will regain its usual appearance.

Is scarring possible after the procedure?

This method is especially safe, and the professional offering the procedure has participated in training to become a certified specialist.

Scarring usually results from unsuitable hygiene and the client’s predisposition for scar tissue formation. However, each procedure is associated with certain risks, which must be discussed in advance. It is especially important to consider contraindications and collect exhaustive history on the client’s health state. Hastened and irresponsible removal of a scab prematurely may have consequences as well.


What to expect after the MRemoval procedure?

·       mild or medium erythema, 

·       periorbital oedema (puffy eyes),

·       skin tightness and/or dryness,

·       skin itching, which is indicative of the working immune system and the commencement of skin healing processes.

What care is recommended following the MRemoval procedure?

·       The scab should not get in contact with water for two days.

·       During the period of 10–14 days after the MRemoval procedure, no decorative cosmetics or regular skincare products should be used.

·       Do not peel the scab that forms after the MRemoval procedure; let it fall off by itself.

·       For the period of two weeks after the MRemoval procedure, do not attend a solarium; also, avoid the sun.

·       For the period of two weeks after the MRemoval procedure, avoid bathing in a tub, saunas and swimming pools.

·       During the period of 3–6 weeks after the MRemoval procedure, avoid procedures performed on the face and body.

·       For seven days after the MRemoval procedure, avoid going to the gym, facial and body massages.

·       The specialist must keep in touch with the client and inquire about their skin condition every 1–3 days.

·       The client is provided with recommendations regarding the use of post-procedural MRemoval products.


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