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About M Removal


Carefully formulated MRemoval products start working once applied on the prepared area of the skin by promoting natural skin processes that push pigment particles onto the surface. After a removal training and first session, the client’s skin starts repairing itself by forming a crust, which contains eliminated pigments. It is important to make sure the crust remains intact until it falls off naturally. Therefore, clients must be clearly informed about required aftercare. MRemoval products take effect immediately and reach the deeper skin layers. The task of the professional is to prepare the epidermis correctly and control the effect of active ingredients. The client must ensure appropriate post-procedural care based on the instructions received from the professional.


Post-procedural care (attached)



– Low-quality PMU or tattoo
– Migrated pigment
– Unfitting shapes
– Pigment evolution
– Changed social circumstances
– New image
– Issues with pigment distribution


– The method can be used to remove all colours.
– The skin heals quickly, and the redness is transient.
– The fading results are visible.
– The method can be used on different areas of the face, i.e., lips, brows and eyelids.

– The method aims to preserve skin’s health.


MRemoval products are specifically formulated to target and extract pigments used for tattoos or permanent make-up. Available after removal training

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