Mantas Vaitkevičius


  • University degree of Health and Physical Education Lecturer in 2010
  • From 2011 started professional discoveries of world beauty industry
  • From 2011 CEO of one of the biggest North Europe Permanent Makeup & Microblading Retail and Wholesale Online Shop, with more than 100 world known brands of beauty and health
  • From 2011 Participant of biggest European Beauty exhibitions
  • Founder and President of European Permanent Makeup and Microblading association from 2013
  • Founder and President of Aesthetic and Mesotherapy association from 2013 of Baltic countries
  • From 2014 Practicing master of Permanent Makeup procedures and removals with laser and special products
  • From 2014 every year organizing Master Classes & Conferences in Lithuania with Best Master of PMU and Microblading from all around the world
  • From 2015 organized several Aesthetic & Medical Congresses about Hyaluronic acid and Mesotherapy treatments
  • In 2016 and 2017 Mantas Vaitkevičius General Organizer of Biggest Permanent Makeup and Microblading Conference in Baltic Countries
  • 2017 Developed and Established Registered Skin Monarch trademark. Creator of specific products for Permanent Makeup
  • 2018 Opened Skin Monarch Academy with education degree system with worldwide certified and acknowledged Masters
  • 2019 Vision of opening “Skin Monarch” Academies on all continents.


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