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The MRemoval method is a system for tattoo pigment removal from the skin. RMremoval is safe to the skin and effective on pigments introduced 20 years ago or as recently as yesterday.


The MRemoval method has been created with a focus on safety for the skin, whether on the face or the body. The MRemoval product is formulated to target organic and inorganic pigments, decompose them and push them onto the skin’s surface. The procedure can be performed either manually or using a machine.


The training is designed for beginners and advanced trainees alike. The course is structured with a focus on the essence of the method while gaining a new specialisation.


The MRemoval training has a theoretical and a practical part. During LIVE and ONLINE training, trainees are introduced to the possibilities of the MRemoval product, user instructions, and important guidelines to achieve the maximum result. The longevous experience gained by Grand Master Ella Sakalauskienė has opened up newly discovered prospects in non-laser removal. Today, it is already possible to maintain that pigments can be removed from the skin safely and over the shortest time feasible.


MRemoval does not compete with other methods. It is respectful of different pathways. The truth is, MRemoval overcomes challenges where other pigment removal methods have failed. This particular system is based on a cutting-edge and effective mechanism comprised of an especially designed formula and the performed technique.


Each training is about getting to know the products and principles behind their functioning. The introduction to the MRemoval starter’s package is an essential part of the training; thus, each piece in the package will be analysed in detail. The MRemoval product package comprises items used during the procedure and intended for post-procedural care. The full focus is on the client, ultimately aiming for optimal healing and ideal skin regeneration.

Training Topics

1. Introduction to the MRemoval mechanism of action. The interplay between the pigment and MRemoval and the final outcome of the procedure.

2. The skin histology and the effect of the glycolic acid.

3. The significance of the Legato technique for a successful and safe introduction of the product into the skin.

4. The essential guidelines for the work with the MRemoval product.

5. The Fitzpatrick scale of skin types and the use of MRemoval.

6. MRemoval indications and contraindications.

7. Preconditions for optimal healing after the procedure.

8. Anaesthesia and the MRemoval procedure. Pain determinants.

9. Removal of pigments used for eyebrows, eyeliners, lips and tattoos. Fundamental knowledge for a successful result.


The practical part. Trainees learn to work on special latex. It is important to sharpen skills by focusing on the perfect execution of the technique. During the LIVE session, Grand Master Ella Sakalauskienė performs a demonstration on a chosen model, giving an exhaustive explanation of each step of the procedure and the underlying logic. The session also focuses on questions and answers and addresses various problems. Students are provided with the possibility to perform a pigment removal procedure under the careful supervision of Grand Master Ella. During the practical part, students learn to:

1. determine the skin type of the client based on the Fitzpatrick scale.

2. assess the safety of the procedure using an exhaustive client consent form.

3. perform the procedure using the Legato technique.

4. choose the appropriate needle from the available selection.

5. inform the client properly about the course of the procedure, healing and post-procedural care.

6. avoid procedure complications.

7. forecast the results and the number of required sessions of the procedure.

8. improve your marketing and the number of clients.

9. learn to photograph your model to submit the assignments.


After the LIVE training session, students gain access to the basic online training platform for three months to deepen and refresh their knowledge. The platform contains procedure descriptions, fundamentals about the products and principles of action, and, most importantly, video materials illustrating each step of the procedure. Trainees have direct access to their trainer via the platform to hold consultations and submit assignments.

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