About Mremoval

MRemoval offers tattoo removal training in the non-laser extraction of pigments. Used for tattoos and micropigmentation on the face and body of a client. The method is based on cutting-edge.  MRemoval products that employ natural bodily processes to push pigment particles out through the skin without causing permanent damage.

The Skin Monarch MRemoval method uses the same instruments and techniques as tattooing or micropigmentation. Professionals can either work manually or use PMU devices. MRemoval was designed as a system of active formulas and techniques that help set the client free from undesirable pigment without compromising the health of the skin. The MRemoval tattoo removal training method puts beauty and health above speedy results. The time and patience invested by the client will bring a much more satisfying return in the longer run.

Treatment Results

MRemoval products are specifically formulated to target and extract pigments used for tattoos or permanent make-up. MRemoval products take effect immediately and reach the deeper skin layers. Carefully formulated MRemoval products start working once applied on the prepared area of the skin. By promoting natural skin processes that push pigment particles onto the surface. After a session, the client’s skin starts repairing itself by forming a crust, which contains eliminated pigments.

A tattoo removal training must successfully finish six levels to achieve the MRemoval Master certification. To help clients find certified professional Artists and Masters, the Skin Monarch Academy puts graduates of the training programme on the Academy’s World Map.


All tattoo removal technician training are provided with the starter’s package of basic tools and products required to perform the procedure and ensure post-procedural care.

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The training system comprises 22 topics with video footage explaining the steps of the procedure under various circumstances. In addition, the supervising trainer is available for online consultations and question-and-answer sessions.


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